SafeICT is a consultancy of two parts providing services to schools, academies, local authorities, commercial providers and more: e-Safety and Innovative ICT.

Innovative ICT – One of the biggest costs to schools after salaries, yet ICT is an area where many schools struggle to make the best use of what they have got.  The levels of funding and grants to schools have dropped dramatically; it is vital schools understand the whole umbrella of ICT: the ongoing cost; cost of support; strategic plan for purchasing; curriculum planning and more.

It is all too easy to get caught up in the waves of excitement for the latest and greatest devices.  I have visited hundreds of schools and come across many shocking examples of ICT equipment being sold to schools that they simply don’t need.

e-Safety – Embedding e-safety in the curriculum to promote positive and safe use of digital technology: training for staff and governing body, parental engagement, and empowering the children with the knowledge and life-skills to stay safe.
Auditing e-safety in the school in preparation for your Ofsted inspection.  Although SafeICT is the name of the company, I am more well known in e-safety circles as esafety-adviser

e-Safety Adviser